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Once a day, I'm going to click on older posts because there is so much I haven't seen.....

Rach (Soulful Thoughts)

If I were to choose, I'd try the second one and convince myself that it's chicken lollipop. :)


I don't know about you, but the frog in the first photo, looks a little... naughty. :)


Interesting series. Nice dishes too! :)


though i'm not that brave in trying exotic food, these look appetizing enough for me to try them. =)


looks all good to me. presentation alone makes them all a winner. even the name looks good...Carribean Frog. I like the poses of these young chefs. the outfits suit them well.


Tu n'as pas fait une indigestion de grenouilles j'espère? ;-)


the second picture from the top. Looks like bitterballen with a tail:)


were you able to taste it? was it good? :)

Ashish Sidapara

How many did you eat ;-)


What a variety of presentation in these dishes. Nice series.


J'aimerai bien y gouté.


Yummmyyy! I already miss the days when i was young when my grandmother used to prepare a delicious adobong tugak!
Nice photography as usual!


La grenouille suscite l'art de la table comme je ne l'imaginias pas.
Je crois que je vais finir par me laisser tenter.
On y va Sidney ?


je me rends compte que peut-etre après cette fete il n'y a plus de grenouilles dans le voisinage :-)


mais je me demande qui a gagné? parmi tous tes belles photos, mon choix est celle sur un "bilao" :-)


hah! i finally got through with restricted firewalls...

and i miss eating frogmeat! :P


WoW...some beautifully captured & composed shots with lovely lighting & the colours...they really has brought waters to my mouth!

tutubi living in philippines

sarap yan

moreso if i'm the one who skinned those frogs alive

dodong flores

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Must be very delicious. It was over a decade ago since I tasted some of this frog meat. I forgot the taste already (though my instinct told me it tasted like chicken) :D


It's like a gourmet cooking competition. Who won?



tell me who has eaten the frog winner?? will you go to roxas to Bonifacio fest?? we have to meet you!


ahh...nice dressing of those delicacies..poor those frogs. In Malay, we have this proverb of " Mati Katak " which translation "die for nothing ", but here seems the other way round.."die for something" :)

Shazeen Samad

Marvelous collection, and i can always see the hard work in your shots.. Cheers


Looks interesting. Not sure if I'd try it though. Wow, frog is turned into art huh? Nice.

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